look at the image

Step 1: Make It

now look at the pic.
first get 2 pens
then a mauly(medium size)
and some sort of stick

Step 2: Mods/sniper Mode

pics for hyow to cock it back and siper bullets if you dont wanna use bbs
whats the green thing that comes out the bottom when u shoot? and how do u get it back in?
<br> bbs
its to HARD cant figure out how to do it <br>
How can you see the pics?
<h2> That's pretty sweet</h2>
cool! needs better instructions gona build one
I built one but i used the verticle tube to load the bb's it works can hold 31 bb's and is simi automatic!!!!!!!!!!!!
serously though get a sling shot from walmart soots up to 1000 feet you can shoot bb's with it to. they are realy cool
yer it is
looks pretty cool but i have no idea how to make it because the instructions are terrible
hey, this is awesome, but could u make step by step instructions for this... thanx
This stinks. Where are the pictures??
It's not a clip, it's a hopper.
verry good idea indeed but maybe you should make another and post pics of it before all the ducttape was on it. also y dont you use 3 pens one for the bb feed, one for the berrel of the gun, and one for melting then apply it onto where the other pens attach.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mauly-clippaper-binder-skewer-shooter/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Mauly-clippaper-binder-skewer-shooter/</a> check dat!<br/>
awesome.check out my page to see more cool stuff and plz leave a comment.
hey you should use camo tape it would make it look less like a duct taped pen gun and more like a mini assasin sniper pistol.
Mini assasin snper pistol??? sounds like a little kid
yukut is 1 years old :D
i agree
nice, im gonna try to make one that shoots pellets
I got it easy and im no genius
you should put an extention barrel on the pen ( tape) then put metal BB's or plastic I used metal. Then you put 1-3 springs from some pens in and put the piece that goes on the bottom of the pen on an dthen fire. It should come out a lot harder, and you can make it shoot 1-6 BB's at a time!!! It's really cool!!!
u dont even hav 2 use the dowel thingy. all u hav 2 do is blow bbs through a hollowed out pen. if u blow hard enough it can hurt just as much
Guys, just look at all the pics, roll over to see the functions of the parts, and assemble it. It's that simple.
i dont get it. can u send me some more detailed steps at justinsmith66@hotmail.com
this pretty much uses the basic design of most knex guns i see on this site
Hmmm... So the vertical pen with the stick in it loads bb's automatically? Also the mauly stops the rod, and when you open the mauly it shoots..right? Lastly, what is the vertical pen?? Is it a thick pen or a thin pen just with a ton of duct tape?
man i dont get this email me cory_kernohan@hotmail.com
I think a mauly is the ote other kind of paper clip you know the one that are a blck triangle with the 2 tabs you pull back and sqezze to open
i don't really understand how this works either could you e-mail me at wantsmusic15@yahoo.com please?
does any one know of a trigger powerd mechanacal pencil/pen gun that is automatic or simi-automatic
dude e-mail me at youngdrenext@yahoo.com caus i need some more detail about this i really dont understand
wat is a "mauly "?
is it a binder clip?
yes but I made my handle with some cardboard and hot glued it on!!! and it is much stronger
that is awesoem man...karim i hate u
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Karim, please stay on topic.
To make a miniature ona alls you have to do is instead of using two different pens cut one pen in half and follow the same instructions!!! Mine holds up to 16 metal BB's in the miniature clip!!!
Listen tyler if you don't like potatoes then don't AWWW... I forgot!!!
How dose it work
I cut a knitting needle in half for the dowel because the ink refills kept busting and I put a thicker rubber band on and now it is very powerful!!! I got popped in the nose!!!
Me and my little brother had a bb gun war in the basement
you should try metal BB's in yours
Can you provide more instructions on how to put it together!!!

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