*BB Shoooter*





Introduction: *BB Shoooter*

look at the image

Step 1: Make It

now look at the pic.
first get 2 pens
then a mauly(medium size)
and some sort of stick

Step 2: Mods/sniper Mode

pics for hyow to cock it back and siper bullets if you dont wanna use bbs



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    whats the green thing that comes out the bottom when u shoot? and how do u get it back in?

    1 reply

    its to HARD cant figure out how to do it

    You are a complete jerk just dont say anything. YOU SHOULD BE BANNED!

    3 replies

    if i was banned i would just make a new username you idiot. and all i mean was you should re post this instructable with more deataild instructions the acual gun is kinda cool

    good point im sorry i was having a bad day and felt like yelling even to some random guy...

    No ofence but what does that have to do with this instructable?

    1 reply

    Absolutely nothing lol. I was just bored and.... now that i think about it... i dont really know why i posted that.

    cool! needs better instructions gona build one

    I built one but i used the verticle tube to load the bb's it works can hold 31 bb's and is simi automatic!!!!!!!!!!!!


    serously though get a sling shot from walmart soots up to 1000 feet you can shoot bb's with it to. they are realy cool

    yer it is

    looks pretty cool but i have no idea how to make it because the instructions are terrible

    hey, this is awesome, but could u make step by step instructions for this... thanx

    It's not a clip, it's a hopper.

    i aggree wit you