Old Mouse + Old Mobile Charger = Rechargeable Wireless Mouse



Introduction: Old Mouse + Old Mobile Charger = Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

We can make a rechargeable mouse by re-assembling an old wireless mouse with a mobile charger. You don’t have to buy and throw away any batteries but simply recharge this mouse by connecting it to your computer using a cellphone’s USB cable.

Step 1: Why Did I Choose to Do This?

These are the depleted batteries used by the mouse last year, which not only damages the environment but also costs lots of money.

Step 2: Materials: an Old Wireless Mouse and a Cellphone’s Mobile Charger

I intended to use an old cellphone at first, but I gave up this idea because the cellphone’s lithium battery was too big. I happened to have a toothpaste-shaped mobile charger in the tooth-paste shape on hand, so I chose that instead.

Step 3: Tools Required

1. Soldering iron

2. Multimeter

3. Tape (the hot-melt adhesive is better, but I didn’t have it on hand.)

4. 502 glue

5. Beak strippers (easy to cut the plastic)

6. Small multi-purpose screwdriver

Step 4: Dissembly and Assembly

1. Open the mobile charger. There are the ordinary USB port with 5V output on the top. The Micro USB port with 5V input are at the bottom.

2. Remove the USB output port and all irrelevant parts. Pay attention to keeping the battery voltage under 4.2V to protect the circuit. Once it is above 4.2V, the recharging will be automatically shut off.

3. Cut off the rest of the plastic within the mouse to make room for the rechargeable battery.

4. I originally intended to directly use the 18650 battery from the mobile charger. But it was too big to be placed inside, so I had to give up.

5. I bought the lithium core (red) with the same size of a number 5 battery from Taobao (red). The output is also 3.7V, 850mAH.

6. Arrange and fixate the parts.

7. Weld the wires by connecting the mobile charger’s output port with the mouse’s charger, and the battery’s positive and negative terminals together and then fasten it. Don’t weld the positive and negative incorrectly. Don’t let the battery get to be too hot while soldering the lithium battery, otherwise it might explode.

8. Charging test done!

9. Assembly completed! Turn on the power supply (3.7V is not a problem as I tested before).

10. Use a cellphone’s USB cable to charge it.

Step 5: Step 5: Real-life Trial

1. Charge the mouse by connecting it with the computer.

2. You still can use it while charging.

3. Everything goes well.

4. Give it a name. The task is done!

5. Vote for me if you like it.



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