Pet Igloo


Introduction: Pet Igloo

This tutorial will guide you to turn a used water dispenser into a small, air-conditioned room for pets.

You need to prepare:

1. A hot and cold water dispenser. Make sure that its cooling function still works;

2. A CPU cooling module;

3. A water-cooled head;

4. A 12-volt DC mini submersible pump;

5. A temperature display board;

6. A plastic bottle;

7. An about 1-meter long conduit that fits the water pump;

8. Some used paper;

9. A comfortable towel (optional);

10. Hot-melt adhesives and a hot melt gun;

11. Several cable ties;

12. Sorry for not listing other complementary tools;

13. Your wisdom.

Step 1: Completely Dissemble the Water Dispenser

In this case, the dispenser I dissembled could only heat water, so I prepared an extra AC-DC adapter and water cooling module.

Note: Only the hot and cold water dispenser has a AC-DC power adapter and the cooling module.

Step 2: Keep the Kettle, the Power Module and the Cooling Module

Kettle will be used to store the cooling water and the power adapter module is for supplying the electricity to the cooling module.

Step 3: Recycle a CPU Heat Transfer Module and Keep the Fan Portion

It will be used for circulating and cooling the air.

Step 4: Install the Thermoelectric Cooler, Water-cooled Head and the Heat Radiation Fan Together

Note: If you have multiple cooler pieces, please do not stack them up but tile them. Otherwise, when the heat cannot be immediately transferred, the warm air will come out

Step 5: Install the Fan on the Heat Radiation Fan, Making Sure the Wind Vane Faces Outward

Step 6: Install the Finished Heat Transfer Module on the Frame, Making Sure Its Position Makes Your Pets Feel Comfortable and Ensures Their Security.

Step 7: Install the Conduit

Use the conduit (as marked here) to connect the parts.

Quickly put the pump into the plastic bottle.

Then, heat transfer module-> plastic bottle; pump-> kettle-> heat transfer module.

Step 8: Use the Hot Melt Adhesives to Block the Kettle's Air Pores.

Here, the kettle is used for storing cooling water and thus it's necessary to block the air pores. Or you can lift the kettle above the heat transfer module and make sure the water will flow out.

Step 9: Install the Temperature Display Module

Step 10: Connect All the Appliances With the Power Adapter

Step 11: Pump the Water Into the Plastic Bottle

Step 12: Turn on the Power Supply and Continue Adding Water Until It Fills the Entire Heat Exchange System

Step 13: Put a Towel Inside to Make Your Pets More Comfortable

Step 14: Use the Paper to Block the Dispenser's Heat Radiation Window.

Step 15: Done! ! !



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