This tutorial will guide you to turn a used water dispenser into a small, air-conditioned room for pets.

You need to prepare:

1. A hot and cold water dispenser. Make sure that its cooling function still works;

2. A CPU cooling module;

3. A water-cooled head;

4. A 12-volt DC mini submersible pump;

5. A temperature display board;

6. A plastic bottle;

7. An about 1-meter long conduit that fits the water pump;

8. Some used paper;

9. A comfortable towel (optional);

10. Hot-melt adhesives and a hot melt gun;

11. Several cable ties;

12. Sorry for not listing other complementary tools;

13. Your wisdom.

Step 1: Completely Dissemble the Water Dispenser

In this case, the dispenser I dissembled could only heat water, so I prepared an extra AC-DC adapter and water cooling module.

Note: Only the hot and cold water dispenser has a AC-DC power adapter and the cooling module.

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