Picture of Magnetic stirrer

My project is also uploaded on the website in English, but it was designed and completed in China, so I think it should be uploaded on the Chinese website once so that more Chinese friends can see it.


As I was looking through my junk laying around the room I noticed the old USB cooler fan which I have no use for. Then I thought of what I could possibly use it for and I remembered of the magnetic stirrers I have seen used in chemical labs. Unsurprisingly the idea to use a CPU cooler fan to make a stirrer wasn't new and already existed on many online DIY websites, but I decided to make it anyway to show how electronics can be reused in other fields.


CPU cooler fan 5V


2 magnets to mount on the fan

2-4 round magnets or 1 magnet stir bar

Glue gun

Various non-metal materials for a case

Container (e.g. plastic cup)

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Step 1: Take apart the fan from protection case

Picture of Take apart the fan from protection case

First I took apart the housing to get the fan itself. It is a standard 5V fan with a USB power supply; if necessary you can also use batteries to power it.


Step 2: Attach the magnets

Picture of Attach the magnets

Next step was to find some magnets. I found smaller magnets lying around, but they were a bit weak. Luckily I also found a pair of old broken headphones, so I opened them up and obtained a pair of stronger magnets. Now the magnets were a bit too strong that when attached to the fan they would attract the magnets used inside the fan motor itself, thus, preventing the fan from spinning. As a solution, I used a small plastic piece to create space between the fan and batteries.