I love 7 days prayer candles!
And I like this one even better because is completely made from scraps, and you don't need any tools to make it!

And is a really nice candle because it last long time and is wind proof!


 To cut the bottle:
 -a string,
 -a lighter,
 -a bucket full of water and ice.

For make the candle:
 -a beer bottle,
 -scraps pieces of candles (one should be tall like the candle you are going to make),
 -long toothpick,
 -small paint brush and glass varnish (make sure is heat proof),
 -sanding paper,
 -gloves, gas mask and safety glasses,
 -paper, pencil and tape,
 -flat pliers (only sometimes).
what kind of alchol? whiskey, vodka, rubbing alcohol???
I used pure alcohol
And that is why I wrote alcohol.