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Watch the VEDIO fisrt.

Press one of the buttons to stop it.

Good luck !

Step 1: Materials

Seeeduino × 1

Starter Shield × 1

Grove - Vibration Motor × 1

Grove 4-pin cable (200mm) × 1

9V to Barrel Jack Adapter × 1

PVC pipe (L:220mm D:20mm) × 7

Nylon cable ties × 2

9V Battery × 1

Tape (wide)

Foam tape

Step 2: Assembly

1. Saw the PVC pipe into 7 pieces, and each one is 220mm long.

2. Get PVC pipes together with tape and put Grove - Vibration Sensor into the central one.

3. Drill holes on the pipes and fix Seeeduino with nylon cable ties and foam tape.

4. Connect Grove - Vibration Motor to Seeeduino with Grove cable.

5. Solder the parts of Starter Shield and mount it onto Seeeduino.

6. Give a 9V battery to Seeeduino

Step 3: Code

Click HERE to get the code.

Download all the files and open "bomb".



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