!!!! Convert Ur House to Haunted House (Pixlr)!!!!





Introduction: !!!! Convert Ur House to Haunted House (Pixlr)!!!!

About: my name is dilroop singh i m very much crazy in editing pics >> i was recently was choosen As Graphic designer for www.itoall.com

In this tutorial , U will learn how to change your house into HAUNTED HOUSE !!!

The house in this pic is random download from google .Lets dont waste time any more !!!

Step first :
>Get a nice click of your house (kinda lonely house, which make editing a lot easier)

i will use the pic to demonstrate 

Step 1: Extracting House

CLICK ME to see tutorial on Pixlr's basic tools
i m using online image editor Pixlr << click here to open pixlr editor
>click on open Pixlr editor(advanced)
>Click on Open image from computer

Continue Step Now:
> You now have to cut ur house out of pic 
Use tools
>Lasso tools
> click on polygon tool in lasso tool (u will find in on bar below file menu icon)
 this lets u to select in straight line
>Wand tool :you can also use want tool

Next Step :
>zoom the pic and remove white edges

Normally you wont see these edges because u might have a white background
here i changed background to gradient with blue and black colors
>Now add extracted house to a layer and duplicate,normally if u got into error u can do back tracking

Step 2: Add Gradient

This is the Gradient Used 
add layer behind ur extracted house and give a gradient effect

Steps :
>click on gradient tool 
> choose colors blue and black (depending on how scary night u want )
>then use burn tool to darken  the areas that house do not cover

Step 3: Color Balancing

>Now  select house layer(extracted) and 
> adjustment menu > hue and saturation 
use sliders to set the color which match ur picture's exposure 

Step 4: Stuff That U Can Add

Download picks of stuff you can think to add them to ur pic:
i have downloaded following pics then added to pixlr 
After downloading
Open these pics in pixlr and the copy paste the area you want u want to in ur pic
i downloaded some creepy trees, cat , owl on tree ,also a vampire,cross , moon etc

Step 5: Adding Moon

Okk guys Lets Add Moon
Add the pic you downloaded :
>Set & Re-size the moon
> use Hue & Saturation to give it bluish color
>use layer styles > outer glow > give a light blue color 

player with layer styles and m sure u will get perfect style to fit ur pic

Step 6:

Adding trees :
> add trees position according to ur need 
> add the layer styles
> apply inner shadow with color white at -45 degree
> darken house fences

Add the vampire
>re-size it place it on  moon

same way add owl to tree



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    nice work broo !!

    Sleep well hope they dont scare you :)

    yeaaaaaaahhh its great online photo editor

    Wana learn Pixlr goto link

    yeaaaaaaahhh its great online photo editor

    Wana learn Pixlr goto link

    yeaahhh !! i too feel so
    thank you
    regards Rohit

    i got these from a sort of non existing creature and attached them to a man :)