Introduction: ŸŽ€ DIY Duct Tape Bow!

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This is a cute craft idea to do with duct tape! So many cute patterns and colors and easy to make! I love making them and you can do many different designs as well

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

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You will need duct tape any color you want, a cutting board and an x-acto knife or scissors!

Step 2: Cutting

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First cut two 4 inch strips if duct tape with your x-acto knife or scissors and the. Cut a quarter inch piece as well!

Step 3: Making It!

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Put the two strips of tape sticky side to sticky side so it's a strip of tape that doesn't have any stickiness showing . Next start accordion folding the piece you have and pinch the middle when your finished . Them take the quarter inch piece and wrap it around the bow!

Step 4:

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Now you have a bow that you can wear and even attach Bobbi pins to wear in your hair!


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