In this instructables I will show how to easily draw a pin up girl tattoo. Is relatively easy because vintage tattoo had simple line and shape and use only few colors. Plus vintage tattoo don't need a look too professional.

Is nice to make your own tattoo or just draw one for fun.

-make simple and single outline;
-use very few color, because in the past there weren't all the choose of tattoo ink we have today;
-every piece you don't color in the flash will be "pink skin" in a real tattoo (so I preferred to cover the whole paper in pink to have a better idea of the real tattoo final look);
-try to don't make the parallel line of your draw to close together because in a real tattoo the ink will spread and the lines will touch each other;
-don't be afraid to use black for shading and live many uncolored space (for example for the girl skin, or for the edges of the objects).


Picture of WHAT YOU NEED
-pencil (2 or 3 B);
-soft colored pencils (I used prismacolor);
-ink and nib (or black ink pen);
-smooth paper ;
-non abrasive eraser (the almost transparent kind);
GREAT stuff!
Ever try digital drawing?
marcellahella (author)  Greasetattoo2 years ago
Mmm..no. Just using the trackpad but with horrible results!
this for example:
http://www.instructables.com/id/REVERSIBLE-HOODED-SCARF-3-ways/ : )
and I don't have a program but I also don't know if I will like it...
Sketchbook Pro, with a wacom tablet or on a Ipad and Stylus.
Great software, you would love it, when you got used to it!
I am a tattoo artist of over 20 years.
Used to hand draw all my stuff, now all digital.
Sometimes, I still hand draw, though...
Keep up the great work.
You should put about a half dozen pictures on a sheet of paper and sell
it. Tattoo Flash.
marcellahella (author)  Greasetattoo2 years ago
I saw your web! cool! I already made some tattoo flash and I did tattooing too!
(I eventually had to stop because it gives me too much anxiety...but I considering do it again because I was doing them well...)
Good luck on your ventures..
fyi: I won a tablet and software in last years Halloween drawing contest.
But, I already had one and sold it on Ebay.
marcellahella (author)  Greasetattoo2 years ago
Than I hope I win one in the dream it, draw it, wear it contest!
Cool talent you have. Nice drawing and good explanations. Regards, Randall www.savorthefood.com