I use MDF. 

I like GOOD MDF. 

I do not like BAD MDF...

Folks I know, and myself, have been using MDF with Laser Engravers, and the BAD MDF creates the soot you see on my hand in the photo, when used with the Laser Engravers.  AND THAT's NOT GOOD!!!

I had been going to Home Depot for the GOOD MDF, since other stores were carrying BAD MDF.

Home Depot stopped carrying GOOD MDF... I tried 3 different Home Depots, and they'd all migrated over to BAD MDF... I cleaned-them-out of any remaining GOOD MDF...

So I asked one the folks at the Home Depot Contractor's Desk if he knew how to get the GOOD MDF back in the store.  The only info he was able to provide, though, was the name of the distributor that supplies them with their MDF.

I make my stuff using 1/8" and 1/4" MDF at TechShop in San Jose....

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Step 1: So I Called Their Distributor...

Picture of So I Called Their Distributor...

And the good folks at Universal Forest Products chatted with me, but did not understand what I was looking for - they only deal with MDF as a commodity for its mechanical properties.

That's a rotary-dial phone, by the way.  Pretty fun, but I never figured-out how to use Speed Dial on them...

bgerens2 years ago
OK, Bwana Jim, who's the distributer?
togo1919 (author)  bgerens2 years ago
Aura hardwoods on Phelan just off Monterey Hwy. They only sell full sheets, though.

I bought a bunch if you need to acquire just a bit. Let me know.
oldmicah2 years ago
Thank you for sharing the legwork! Good instructable author! :)
togo1919 (author)  oldmicah2 years ago
You bet! Glad to help.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
I liked the story, but after disclosing all the people you spoke with to hunt down your MDF you don't disclose who your end contact/source was. An "end" to this story that others, not in California, could replicate would be such a resource.
togo1919 (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
The name of the manufacturer is provided. Their number can be located online and they can be contacted by anyone in the USA.
I see it there now.
So you're saying MDF from good ol' USA is better than form overseas, but don't say why. Is it the method of construction, or maybe the glue used? How do you know the same process isn't done domestically and you got a "good" batch? I think this is a good experience, but crave more on "why" one is better.
makermike2 years ago
Hey, did I see your Cub scout token sitting above the laser cutter yesterday? Anyways, thanks for doing the legwork on this. I plan on starting to use MDF soon and want to use the good stuff!
togo1919 (author)  makermike2 years ago
Yup. That was the one that looked like a half-eaten cookie...