Hii guys !!
Tony Stark or IRON MAN , a movie character has some sort of reactor which keep him alive , its like free source electrical energy which allow the current in electromagnet to flow and stop the iron particles to move to his heart 

let have it , NO not iron The Reactor mann !!

Wanna Learn Photoshop or Pixlr :


I got pics that r used and just collaborated then all together in  a single pic


Step 1: Collecting the Images to Be Used

Collect the images that u want to add in ur pic
Then open PhotoShop, pixlr ets
i collected these images to use 
I will refer back to this when I get some time! Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine

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Bio: my name is dilroop singh i m very much crazy in editing pics >> i was recently was choosen As Graphic designer for www.itoall.com
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