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Adobe Photoshop CS5
is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems.
I will cover Photoshop version 12.0 (32 bits), with only main tools and services

Okkk lets start learning 

The Menu Bar
At the very top of the screen as always is the Menu Bar, a common feature of most programs these days. Clicking on the various menu headings brings up a list of related options and commands. For example, the File menu is where we find options for opening, saving and closing Photoshop documents. The Layer menu contains options for working with layers. Photoshop's many filters can be found under the Filter menu, and soon on .

The Tools Panel
Along the left side of the screen is Photoshop's Tools panel, formerly known as the Tools palette (palettes are now officially known as panels in Photoshop CS5), and also commonly referred to simply as the Toolbox. This is where we find all of the various tools we need for working on our images. In Photoshop CS5, you'll find the Tools panel displayed in a single column, but I've split it in half here just to make it easier to fit on the page

In the top right corner of the screen is an option that allows us to quickly select from various workspaces, either ones that are built in to Photoshop CS4 or custom workspaces we've created ourselves. Workspaces allow us to set up different panel arrangements, menus and even keyboard shortcuts for different tasks. For example, you may want certain panels open when editing images and other panels open when painting with Photoshop's brushes or when working with type. Workspaces allow us to set up the screen any way we want, save it, and then quickly select it again any time we need it! Photoshop CS5 comes with several built in workspaces. The Essentials workspace is selected by default but you can access the complete list of available workspaces, including any custom ones you've created, by clicking on the word Essentials and selecting a new workspace from the list that appears

The Panels
Along the right side of the screen in Photoshop CS5 is where we find the Panels column (panels were known as palettes in earlier versions of Photoshop). Panels give us access to all kinds of commands and options for working on our images, from organizing layers and viewing individual color channels to choosing colors, stepping back through history states, working with text, viewing information about our images, and so much more. Most of the panels in Photoshop CS5 are the same ones that have been available in earlier versions of Photoshop, but some, like the Adjustments Panel, are brand new to CS5
The Color Swatches panel (Window > Color Swatches) is a good place to store the colors that you use often in your images. You can select a foreground or background color by clicking a color swatch in the Color Swatches panel. You can add or delete colors to create a custom swatch library, save a library of swatches, and reload them for use in another image. You can change the way thumbnails are displayed in the Color Swatches panel by choosing an option from the More menu

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Step 1: Basic Tools

Under this section You Will Learn About the Basic Tools  :) 

You will be told only the basic but in details so that one may have his hand on photoshop 
rest all will be done by YOUR OWN HARDWORK AND PRACTICE 

Enjoy the tutorial and You are free to ask any question , even you can msg me for ur doubts

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