Step 6: == Amaze Others With Your Awesome Ring!

The ring looks perfect now! I'm really proud of my work, so that's the final step. Now to wear it out of the house and see how many other people are Homestickers!

The ring was a cheap plastic thing, so it didn't really sur-purr-rise me when the actual ring bit broke off. To remedy this, I used the dremel tool to grind away the ring bit and hot-glued a loop of elastic in its place and now it works purr-fectly. You can also attach a blank ring with a pad or tray on it made specifically for making custom rings. These are sold in craft stores, look for jewelry findings.
this is my patron troll
Mine too!
Wow, that's lucky! Does that mean you'll be making this? Quick tip I forgot to add: if you don't have a dremel tool, a file would also work, along with some sand paper, it would just take longer.
i assumed you were a pegasister not a brony which is it
Wait what? Um, both I guess. Whatever works for you, it's both sides of the same coin for me. I just say "brony" because it's easier.
i was basically asking if you were a boy or a girl <br>
Oh! Female, yeah. Sorry, that last question threw me for a loop for some reason.
:33 &gt; This is totally purrfect!<br>:33 &gt;Thanks, kwartzKitten! I can't wait to make my own Nepeta ring! See you on the other side of pesterchum!<br>:33 &gt; My chumhandle is discontinuedCyanide if you have it!
Yea, I have a pesterchum! My chumhandle crystallineFelidae, and I'll add yours right now.
Awesome! Finally found a homestuck related instructable!
I know, I looked all over for one before posting! Don't worry, I'll do more!

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