For a long time I looked for a footrest for use with my office chair.  They range in price from $40 to $100 and they are always made of plastic, flimsy, crappy stuff that fails rapidly.  

Another major complaint is that they all have a really annoying flaw because they are all rectangular in shape.  What this means is that your chair wheel constantly bumps up against the footrest and moves it out of position or jostles your legs and feet around so you lose your comfy spot on the footrest.

The solution was to build my own.  This one is made out of salvaged floor boards, a piece of plywood, 8 inches of scrap 2x4 and a few wood screws.

I have been using this model for several years and it is really sturdy and looks pretty good. The total cost was $0 for me because I had all the materials in a scrap pile.


Step 1: Make a Base

Step one is to make a base for your footrest.   I had a piece of 1/2" plywood about 24" long by 9" wide so I used that.  You can make your footrest any size you like but I would not recommend going any smaller than 24 x 9.  

To make things sturdy enough for even heavy feet, use at least 1/2" plywood or thicker.

Don't worry about the edges just yet, we are going to cut them off soon enough.

Nice job !&hellip; <br>This is the kind I like best as it shows its maker's personality. In which case someone who likes resting, even at work !!!&hellip; ;D
you can make USB heating for the legs
great idea losing the rectangular shape! great documentation too!

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