I like to use the ShopBot at TechShop in San Jose - www.techshop.ws  and I like to use the dust collection hood that channels wood chips to the vacuum system.

It's tough, though, to keep that dust collection hood in it's place - the thumbscrew in the back is tough to reach and tough to securely tighten.

Sooooo...   I decided to stop whining and do something about it!

If you make this, Please Be Gentle!   Thumbscrews and their threads need TLC!  This is a Thumbscrew-assist Tool...

Step 1: Go to the directory and get the file.

I'm including the Corel Draw v15 file with the essential drawings for using 1/4" MDF.  (Can you imagine?  togo1919 using MDF?)

Cut out the pieces using the Laser Engraver.  The parts look like this.  Ignore the dotted line - it's associated with the text box, that's all.
Very clever! Did you make one for me?
License and registration, too... <br>No smog check, though!
Plus tax and shipping...
<br>Yup! That's $49.99 on yer bill! <br> <br>;)

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