I'm selling this set due to needing some money.
If anyone wants it please put an offer underneath.
I live in the uk so i can post anywhere in the uk. you'll have to pay for postage
any questions please ask underneath
<p>you got more</p>
I'll give $2 for it
I live in usa, I'll give u $45 for it
sorry too L8
I'll buy for &pound;12. <br>How much will postage be?
i don't mind for &pound;12<br>how quick do you want it.(this is to get a cheaper postage)<br>
OK how do you take payments?
i'll probably put it on ebay and then you can just buy it now
Put it on and as sonn as you have, please csend me a link :)
do u hav paypal itll be easier
sorry if you saw that comment about the &pound;15 offer it was a mistake
So, when can I pay?
youll hav to wait just a litle like this much. . ineed to finish packing and all that.<br>sorry for the delay
OK, <br>thanks :)
again i'm so sorry but someone just offered me &pound;13 for it.<br>i ain't even joking.
I offer you &pound;14
I have sold it for &pound;15.
And yet nobody cares...
i care
Nobody wanted to know that.
ok i remove it
will u ship to the usa <br> <br>
i don't mind but you'll have to pay and it might be a bit high
give me an estimate because i have always wanted tis coaster <br>
so about 22 us dollars <br>
no around $15.50
so the currency exchange price went down <br>i take it <br>
never mind i thought it was the srceamin serpent <br>
but still give me an estimate <br>

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