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Introduction: ? Sneezing Octopus Creature

About: Hi I am a 13 years old girl who loves robots I am here to show kids from ages 9-13 how to build cool stuff ?. Enjoy ?

This is a toy craft you can make it at home. Enjoy

Step 1: You Will Be Needing

Hot glue and glue sticks that go in hot glue.
8 Popsicle sticks, small sheets of fabric. Blanket or towel you can work on. Scissors and sharpies.
And do not forget your stuffing

Step 2: Heat Hot Glue

Start by warming the hot glue then cut out a big oval shape on two pieces of fabric. Cut of the bottom of He fabric see the picture.

Step 3: Time to Glue

Hot glue the 2 pieces together but leave a space to stuff the fabric.

Step 4: Stuff the Octopus With the Fabric You Have Left

You may also use cotton get creative maybe even pieces of newspaper of paper or Even confetti

Step 5: Glue It Shut

Step 6: Glue on Popsicle Sticks and Maybe You Can Even Paint Them

And draw a sneezing face. Lol it's basically a sneezing Octopus looking creature.

Step 7:



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    Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing your octopus!