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After 6 months of dark time we are getting some sun light here, that made me to think about spring.

I made a necklace to my wife, i used stainless 18/10 teaspoon as a material.

Whole process can be seen from the video tutorial.

Tools used:

Dremel rotaty tool with the flex shaft attachment.

Butane torch


Hand drill

Bits and accessories:

Tungsten carbide cutters:

Dremel models 9910 and 9903.

Cut off wheel

Polishing felt disk

White paint


Step 1: Beginning..

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Making starts with the heating the spoons ( from the opposite side that you want to engrave)

Heat the spoon until you get the desired colour. Check the colour from the opposite side.

Let the spoon cool down slowly, if you drop it to the water, it darkens.

Paint the spoon with acrylic spray paint, and let it dry.

Draw your design to the painted surface. All markers don't work with the steel surface, but allmost every pen works with painted surface.

Paint also gives little protection for the surface, so every little slip or mistake doesn't leave mark.

Step 2: Engraving..

Picture of Engraving..

Start engraving with the dremel tungsten carbide cutter 9910 ( or similar)

Engrave following your design.

Then "scratch" the backround. Make all scratches to the same direction, it gives balanced result. ( of course you can try different variations)

If your design has holes:

While engraving, make starting holes for the drill with the tungsten carbide cutter instead of center punch.

Drill the holes.

Then fix / finish details of the engraving.

Step 3: Finishing..

Picture of Finishing..

Now you can remove the paint.

Use felt disk to remove paint from the spoon.

If paint is sticky? Heat the paint just a little with torch ( second or two)

Now it can be removed easily.

I used handle too.

I engraved a little flower using tungsten carbide cutter 9903, 9910

And cut of wheel.

And heated it really hot to get blue colour to it.

Step 4: Cutting..

Picture of Cutting..

Then i cut the shape out with cut of wheel.

I cut the parts out at this point. Its easier to work with the bigger parts.

Step 5: Finished..

Picture of Finished..

Finally i connected the parts together.

I used pliers to bed the "neck" of the spoon so that the flower connects to it, but so that there is still room for the chain under it.

Working with pliers can be tricky sometimes, but practise makes better.

Using heat helps, but the you need to be carefull, that you don't overheat the whole pendant,

otherwise it changes its colour too.


charlessenf-gm (author)2017-03-14

You are an artistic craftsman!

Thank you very much!

AnuJ1 (author)2017-03-06

This is so beautiful that words fail me! Thank you for sharing your incredible art.

Tuomas Soikkeli (author)AnuJ12017-03-06

Thank you for checking it out, and your nice comment. Im happy if you like it.

Leighbells (author)2017-03-05

This is beautiful!

Thank you very much!

NathanSellers (author)2017-03-04

Very nice design and finish!

Thank you. Im glad that you liked@

Me123456789012345 (author)2017-03-03

absolutely beautiful.

Thank you!

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