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This instructables will teach you how to make your very own "... for dummies" book cover. I did not make this site, nor do I endorse it. I take no credit, I'm just a guy showing you something cool someone else made.

Step 1: Ready? Set... Go!

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Start by clicking here or going to:

Step 2: Fill in the Form/boxes

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Fill in the form, and in real time, your "for dummies book will be created below.

Step 3:

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Copy and Paste the html code... or simply take a screen shot. On a mac, simply press command-shift-4, and a + sign will appear. Drag an area you'd like to capture (in this case the book) or on a PC (If there's any other way, please let me know :) ), Click "Print Screen" it'll save the screen to your clip board, and you can crop it in MS Paint, or another photo-editing program.

Step 4:

Thank you for taking the time to read this instructable, If you have any constructive criticism, feedback or compliments, I'd be overwhelmed with happiness (sorta) if you commented below.




Ploopy (author)2015-08-19


lemonie (author)2009-09-24

Do I understand the content of tho be "go to this website and fill-in the boxes"? L

geekazoid (author)lemonie2009-09-24

@Lemonie: I'm not quite sure what you mean. Is there a typo I can't seem to spot? Or is it something else. Thanks for your time, Geekazoid

lemonie (author)geekazoid2009-09-24

I'm distilling this into it's essence, which appears to me to be the website you point to. It's a nice one, but this particular area (Instructables) should be you showing us something neat & original. If another person has done all the work on their website it's better dropped as a Forum topic.


geekazoid (author)lemonie2009-09-24

i'll take that into consideration, should I make another instructable.

geekazoid (author)2009-09-23

it sure is....

vyncynt (author)2009-09-23

i made mine using paint and msword...dummies is a cool stuff...

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