-=ver 2.0=- Literally : Dock Your Iphone Itouch Ipod to Your Car Audio Cassette Slot





Introduction: -=ver 2.0=- Literally : Dock Your Iphone Itouch Ipod to Your Car Audio Cassette Slot

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Hi, this is an upgraded version of my other instructable :

Literally : Dock your Ipod to your car audio cassette slot

The instructions wont be as thorough as my first version so if you are confused on whats happening, just check out the first one. This new version is more flexible which can accommodate other kinds of gadgets as long as it can slide in to the cassette slot.

Step 1: Remove Stuff

Open your deck and remove some objects to open up some space. Be careful when removing pcb boards that are attached to the cassette mechanism because it might disable your deck. Try  testing the deck every time you remove something to insure the deck will still work.

Step 2: Wiring

Find the AUX input wires on your deck then solder a 3.5mm jack. This clarion deck automatically switches to AUX mode when the jack is inserted to the gadget. Your deck might need a switch like the one on my nakamichi deck to go to AUX mode. If so, check a more comprehensive install on :

Literally : Dock your Ipod to your car audio cassette slot

Step 3: Setting Up the Dock

I chose lego to construct a more versatile docking station. With lego I can move the jack around to accommodate different gadgets such iphone and ipods which have different sizes and jack points.

I glued some lego boards to the cassette dock. I also filed the cassette opening to give a little more space for the iphone.

You can put some felt on the opening if you re afraid of scratching up your iphone , ipod or whatever.

Step 4: Making the Jack

Find some lego to make your own "jack pod" then hot glue it all together.

Step 5: Done

 Pick whatever gadget you would like to use, then setup the jack pod. Good job



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    so how do you change the song?

     You could take this a little further...

    Get an iPod cable. Follow the pinouts to not only connect your music but charge the iPod/iPhone at the same time. (Obviously turn the iPod around and insert the bottom first.)

    You may want to line everything with felt for a tighter, friendlier dock.

    2 replies

    yeah, I also heard the pin-out audio is unamplified, so you get much better sound. I can't believe how nicely that fits in there too. Great Ideas.

    You might even be able to adapt the Play, FF, and Rev to the adapter cable and actually use the cassette player buttons to skip forward and backwards from song to song. I know a lot of iPod docks have the external buttons that do just that.

    If you could just make it feed the Ipod like the cassette tape, THAT would be even cooler! Great use of the tape player though!

    Awesome. I  Must try it. I can't believe I didn't think of it myself. I don't even use the tape deck because of the auxiliary for my ipod. My Friends will be jealous and I will be awesome. Indirectly, that makes you awesome. No wait, you were already awesome in the first place for making this instructable. Hold on, it's the 2nd version so you have made it before. Thus, you are double awesome. Now wait just a bit here, being double awesome means you're TRIPLE awesome, that's like three times the awesome I am, and that's awesome.

    Great Instructable.

    2 replies

    This is the most awesome comment ever! I feel awesome now! Thanks, you re awesome!

    If I did this I would put a bluetooth adapter in the cassette deck. Then I could use it with my phone.

    2 replies

    Do it and make an instructable!  I'd love to know how to do that.

    i like it!

    i love it and its pretty funny im so going to do this (now all i need is an i pod of some sort)

    This is fantastic.  What a great idea!