Finally mount the motherboard, HDD, video card and all the other accessories
Plug everything in, do some cable management and double check the connections
Given a complete lack of OSX, hackintoshness, PearPC, nor even a mac skin for linux...<br><br>I'll have to give this a renaming.<br>I dub thee the iBm<br><br><br>The final product is pretty neat.<br>but OMFG! <br>&quot;it had extensive rusting on all its connectors&quot;<br>I replace caps all the time to revive motherboards.<br>Even modded a few power regulators, but grinding rust from the connectors, and adding power? You, sir, are a brave, brave person.<br><br>I'd also be wary of adding power in parallel, from the PSU.<br>&quot;EPS 12v 4pin connector&quot; ???<br>Sure, use that secondary power supply to power fans, maybe even hard drives. but I think I'll stick to powering motherboards with their intended power supplies.<br><br><br>Love the concept of this 'ible.<br>I am of the &quot;full load to the e-cycler, 1/2 a load back&quot; school.<br>Every single time i take a load of crt's to the e-cycler, I end up with a half dozen lcd's on the ride back. a little testing, and sometimes a few capacitors later, and they're good to go to new homes.
Thanks for your comment.<br><br>The IMAC reference is only meant to refer to the concept of the CPU being mounted behind the screen (IMAC is the most well known for this), and not bare any other resemblance.<br><br>I understand why you feel that i didn't do enough work on the motherboard, but i was trying to keep to the proof of concept scenario and the sad reality is that alot of the e-wastes nowadays are either superficially damaged or purely discarded during an upgrade (not damaged at all) [i personally have repaired more highly damaged motherboards, my favorite being a motherboard that had been broken in 2 right down the middle, after 100m of magnet wire and countless hours of soldering to join every connection of the 2 halves, it actually worked, WOW!]<br><br>As i mentioned the parallel 12v adapters had power fluctuations and isn't ideal, but it works, and since it does i'm not complaining about anything else, however if you really want, you could add a capacitor bank in parallel to the 12v adapter (car capacitors work fine) to smooth out the fluctuations.<br><br>i like your motto (&quot;full load to the e-cycler, 1/2 a load back&quot;), lucky for you in your country it is that simple, in my country though the e-cycle companies will only deal with large business so people like me get side-lined though we are trying to do some good, sigh.<br><br>PLEASE KINDLY VOTE FOR MY INSTRUCTABLE IN THE &quot;3RD EPILOG CHALLENGE&quot;, THANKS ^_^
By &quot;CPU&quot; you actually mean the &quot;PC&quot; CPU stands for Central Processing Unit and refers to the processor chip, not the PC.<br><br>This is nothing like an iMac, the iMac is an all in one machene like a laptop but without the hinge. What you have here is a PC stuck to the back of a monitor that won't cool properly because there's no casing on it.<br><br>I'm all for reusing e-waste and well doen for that but your description is nonsense and if you think you've made an iMac you don't understand the value of OS X.
Old labels, and shifting definitions. <br> <br>Let us just call it &quot;The Computer&quot; <br> <br>When you denounce this creation as being nothing like an iMac, and missing the value of OSX... YOU miss a fair bit of HISTORY. <br> <br>Have a look at the guts of a G3 imac. Put a colorful plastic shell on the back, and the differences nearly disappear. Slap Linux on this frankenstein, with an OSX skin, and to those not familiar with Macintoshes, you may fool them into thinking it was a prototype! A filling of Hackintosh, and the illusion becomes fact! The resemblance is so close in fact, that my 233mhz G3 even uses a vga cable to connect the monitor to the motherboard(internal to the case, but it is still there!) <br> <br>We can further confuse things by looking at some of the g4 iMacs which put the computer in the screen base, and the G5 line which basically WAS a macbook with it's screen flipped, and put on a stand. <br> <br>As a proud owner of 2 fully functional G3(OS9/osx10.3, and OSX 10.4respectively) a G4 iMac(Debian/OSX10.5.8), and a &quot;G3&quot; blueberry(mini-itx gut replacement running win7/Ubuntu/Hackintosh 10.6) I THINK I understand the value of OSX. Not that I use it OFTEN, or by personal preference, but I do see the appeal to some, and enjoy toying around in a polished Linux based operating system(or sco, bsd, unix, or whatever codebase they are currently working with) But I am not sure where exactly the value of osx comes into play, when discussing a computers physical form factor. <br> <br>As to the cooling factor... it probably cools BETTER than if it were in a case :-) <br>Instead of blowing around hot case air(or using massive fans to move in ambient air) It just sits in room temperature all day long, cooling only the pieces that need cooling(CPU, GPU, Power supply, maybe ram?) <br> <br> <br>Sorry, That may have come off a bit combative, and I apologize. <br>Last comment, I promise(I do tend to rant sometimes). <br>I also have a (no longer working) eOne(eMachine that formerly ran Win98 and an OS7 emulator). Now if THAT isn't an iMac clone... <br>then call me Bill, and smack my microsoft.
This is extremely incomplete as it has no covering for the back, it would be very simple to get the back half of a crt monitor and use it. you could probably just take off the front bezel, gut it out and stuff everything inside. Try to find something around 19 or 20 in.
i can safely say that i have repaired burnt fan traces on motherboards, but never have i had the guts to try and use one that was corroded, or snapped in half, that sir, requires some courage that i just dont have, you have earned my respect in this field because you just do the stuff some of us are (whether we admit it or not) afraid to do, i mean, actually using those extra power supplies to power the motherboard? you are brave, i would never try that for fear that it would blow up in my face. <br> <br>Instructables should add a &quot;Respect bar&quot; on each users profile, but you, would already have it filled up.
Many thanks for your &quot;respect&quot;, i am truly honored.<br> <br> The thing is, electricity was invented by man, as such we shouldn't fear to harness it to the fullest, in any possible way. People fear that which they don't understand, so learn the characteristics of electricity (it always takes the path of least resistance etc) and take the necessary precautions (noticed i added an extra step for &quot;custom power cord&quot; which has an added fused plug etc).<br> <br> Personally after a while you kinda get used to the &quot;inherent dangers&quot;, and just want to get the job done, just like how a soldier or a bomb disposal expert isn't bothered by the prospect of dying in his line of duty<br> <br> PLEASE KINDLY VOTE FOR MY INSTRUCTABLE IN THE &quot;3RD EPILOG CHALLENGE&quot;, THANKS ^_^<br>
Um, mankind did not invent electricity, we just discovered how to harness and control it to some degree.

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