Door Hinge Hook - $0 Project #2





Introduction: Door Hinge Hook - $0 Project #2

Get an extra hook in bathroom without make hole on the wall.
This is a reusing of a retail hanger, you can get the retail hanger free from store when you buy a shirt or any clothes, the cost is $0.

Step 1: Supplies

Retail hanger
Pliers and Screwdriver

Step 2: Make the Hook

Take out the wire from the retail hanger. Make it as the shape in the photo.

Step 3: Attach It to Door Hinge

Pull up the hinge pin half inch. Attach the hook to door hinge. Then push the pin back.



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    I love the simplicity and utility! Great share.

    Made two. Ones in the man cave holding my extension cord. This one is on the pantry door. My wife had been hanging her purse on the door knob making it hard for me to get a snack. Now its out of the way. Great project!

    14, 6:53 PM.jpg
    2 replies

    "making it hard for me to get a snack"

    Ahhh, the ultimate incentive.

    Impressive! Such a unique use of dead space. Just my style-FREE. I shall bow down to you!!

    1 reply

    you should win a prize.

    Watch out bathroom I come!

    What a scathingly brilliant idea!!

    Will definitely be doing this. Thanks for the instructable!