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If you need a stand for the iphone or ipodTouch and you have nothing handy, don`t worry all you need is a roll of toilet paper:)

Looking for a tripod to hold the iphone, I found this "stand" made with a plastic folding: The Fozitripod

A simple and ingenious solution, but with things as bad as they are and the wallet not ready for more spending I thought maybe I could make something similar with a roll of paper (what is left over.. I mean) and scissors:

Step 1: Materials Needed :)

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Materials needed
- Roll of Paper
- scissors
- Iphone or any mp4 player :)

Step 2: We Crush It to Be Able to Cut It

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we crush it to be able to cut it.

We cut it this way more or less. A high area for the iphone support and notches in a saw to place the apparatus with different inclinations.

Step 3: That Is It!..This Is What It Looks Like:

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-no username- (author)2013-09-22

Or u could make a ipod stand cum speaker by fixing two plastic cups on the side. Heres what i made!

nzammit (author)2011-08-18

Thanks a lot! Very nice!! Now for some colour...

acaz93 (author)2009-05-15

Hackeado me supongo ... buena idea !

infonomada (author)acaz932009-05-17

Hay otra forma de que el iphone funcione como dios manda? :) Buenos tutoriales en tu perfil . Un saludo

gb123 (author)infonomada2010-08-11

AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Why is everyone speaking Spanish all of a sudden!!! lulz....

chotzeny (author)2009-12-17

Inspired and Created one from a Paper coffe cup, so I can watch a movie while i eat my sandwich (at the backround)
I am a bit jerm phobic :-) so the Paper cup was only logic
Oh and used the stirer to make a stilouse

madhops0620 (author)2009-09-16

Es muy bueno. Me compro un para 5 USD, pero eso es mas bueno. Lo siento para mi espanol, mi idioma primera es ingles

gulshan20 (author)2009-08-24

awesOme!:D:D veryy simple and it works great too:D

infonomada (author)gulshan202009-08-31

Thanks gulshan :)

jimmytvf (author)2009-08-18

como, no entiendo lo que el iphone funcione como dios manda... igual es por la mierda de red que tenemos en españa con vomistar

i don't understand that the iphone works as it has to go.. maybe is for the crappy network we have in spain with movistar (vomistar is a joke that simules vomit, only changing the sillabes)

infonomada (author)jimmytvf2009-08-31

que "funcione como dios manda" me refiero a tenerlo con el jailbreak aplicado. Me gusta mucho qik y cycorder y es la unica forma de grabar video con el iphone. Sobre lo de movistar.. yo siempre he sido de vodafone y la verdad es que con movistar estoy muy contento. Mucho mas que con orange o simyo. Con movistar me pilla 3g casi en cualquier sitio y con los otros no Un saludo jimmy

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