In part one of this video, Tom shows us how to install the batteries and chargers in his Electric Dodge Neon conversion project. 
Great videos.<br>The one thing that really makes me see red is how big oil has stopped us from really using electric cars.<br>GMC made the EV-1 and Toyota RAV4-EV that uses the EV95 batteries. Thing is Chevron bought the control for these batteries and refuses to let anyone manufacture them. We still have about 4-6 years to wait until the 17 year patent runs out then some one can manufacture and sell these batteries.<br>Think going 80mph and having a range of around 160 miles per charge...<br>GMC on the EV-1 car only leased them and refused to sell them; instead the CARB in Calif. wussed out and the cars were destroyed.<br>Think what it would be like using the EV95 batteries instead of having to put 1500 pounds of batteries in the car.

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