Step 2: Fix Em

Every thing I read said to buy new cvs and new stubs.  My cvs were fine except for some stripped splines and the differential side of the stubs were fine as well. Stubs are dealer only, and cvs are not cheap. I think everything was gonna cost about $500.00. 
Im about as cheep as they come and I felt the design was flawed any way.
So I said what the hell I'll weld them, and it works great! over 10,000 miles now with heavy 4x4 use without any problems.
Clean all the rust up and install new clips on the axle side of the stubs to keep them in place while you or your buddy with welding skills sticks them together. 
It is important not to get slag on the stubs as the diff seals need a smooth shaft to work. I wrapped mine with painters tape and wet it down a little before welding.
Install the cv axle to the axle stub and weld a good thick bead. Where the cv and the stub mate gives you a nice v grove to lay down a lot of wire or stick. 
Don't let the cv get so hot that you melt the boot.

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