Picture of 1 Brisket, 5 Appetizers
A single brisket, even the smallest one you can find, is a lot of meat, and if you go to the grocery store hungry and hunting for a brisket, woe unto you!

However, with that enormous 20lb brisket you bought because you're stupid and, at this point, should know better than to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you can easily set out a mountain of food for your next party without much effort, so long as you managed to cook the brisket properly and spent the past 24 hours doing so...

Anyway, this Instructable shows how to make 5 super cute appetizers using brisket.

Step 1: Brisket on a Stick

Picture of Brisket on a Stick
  • Brisket Slices
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Dipping Sauces

  1. Slice the brisket when it's cold for evenly thin slices.
  2. Warm the brisket and run a skewer through it.
  3. Serve with a mixture of dipping sauces such as BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, and mysterious green sauce (literally called "That Green Sauce").

Tip:  Put out a can of sterno so your guests can warm the brisket slightly before dipping.
scifiguy4512 years ago
You could get fancy and pipe the mashed potatoes with a cake decorator bag. Or not-so-fancy - a ziploc bag with the corner cut off. Might be easier/cleaner than the spoon/knife method.
onrust2 years ago
Looks good. Great photos.
AngryRedhead (author)  onrust2 years ago
Thanks! I got lucky with the photos since the sun was quickly setting, and I didn't want to pull the artificial lighting.
I have horrible lighting in my new kitchen. I can relate.