I call it '1 Cap' because I have a 3 cap version that I made first that works really well. Found in my Flickr Set: Flickr Photos - Homemade Birdfeeders

This feeder was inspired by billr's How to build a "Flexi-Perch" Squirrel-proof birdfeeder for $10 or less (Thanks Bill!)

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Utility knife
File, round
Small saw with fine teeth
Wire cutters
Fine black marker

1 water bottle, any size (the cap needs to be as deep as possible to hold on to the bottle. Try to find a cap made of soft plastic, the white cap was very hard to cut.)
2 cable ties, any colour but black ones are stronger
2 small cup hooks or screw eyes, 3/4"/2 cm
4 pieces of wire 8 inch / 20.3 cm long (not shown)
Bird seed - nyger, finch mix, any small seed, etc. (not shown)

Gather your materials and tools. Almost all the materials and tools can be found around the house or bought at a dollar store! Bird seed can be found at a bulk food store, grocery store, farm supply store, home renovation store, etc.

I'm using 8 inch / 20.3 cm cable ties cut down to 5 inch / 12.7 cm.
Great idea! I plan on making one out of a 2 liter bottle so I dont have to fill but once a week.
Great idea. I stopped feeding the birds because most of the birds around here are the destructive European House Sparrow.
Sparrows need to eat too.<br /><br />And what do they destroy? Woodpeckers are more destructive than house sparrows.<br />
House sparrows are an invasive, introduced species that are native to Europe. They are not related to the New World sparrows but are a weaver finch.<br /><br />Recently a small flock of 4 HOSP have been taking over any small seed feeder I have hanging.<br /><br />Destructive? They displace native species, at feeders and in nesting sites.<br />
Actually, last fall a family of 6-8 House Sparrows visited it regularly. And Starlings tried but they were too heavy, putting it off balance. It was nice to see Chipping Sparrows use it. I might put it up again to see if the Dark Eyed Juncos will use it. David
thank you <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://videos-howtomake.blogspot.com">http://videos-howtomake.blogspot.com</a><br/>
got to stop making new plastic bottles. and recycle the old. like this smart person did. ans put a cone around the top to keep out the squrills
Smart, cheap, and easy. Great job, this is very nice.

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