Introduction: #1 Creat Your Own Phone Games With No Coding Experience Required

Coding is hard so much memorizing that take the fun out of making games. The only thing that you should worry about is the idea and the rest should be simple!!
So that what I am after helping you to take your idea to reality.

Step 1: No Coding Required

Stencyl is the best way to start with no coding experience required.

Step 2: Publish Everywhere

Publish Everywhere
With extensive platform support, you can rest assured that all players will have access to your game. Today, Stencyl supports:

》iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Step 3: Process

If i see that your interested I will post dayly a tutorial so you can see your ideas come to life.
Just hit that like button
Follow me so that you can follow my tutorial

Step 4: Make Money !! Realize Your Game's Full Potential

>> Sell Your Game

Bringing your game to the App Store, Google Play or alternate stores like Steam is the best way to make money and reach millions of players. Our best games have brought in enough to allow their developers to quit their jobs and create games full-time.

>>Embed Ads

Games can embed ads as a primary or secondary source revenue. We support iAds and AdMob for mobile games while web games can use Newgrounds. A larger variety of networks (including ad mediation) are supported through extensions.

>>Seek a Sponsorship

Sell rights to your game to a sponsor who will market the game on your behalf. Many Stencyl games have been proudly sponsored by big names (ArmorGames, Kongregate, Newgrounds) and small names alike.

Step 5: Download Stencyl Software

Download it here :


jerome gideon (author)2016-05-02

please can i know or get the tutorials? or procedure?

i want to start

John_Singleton_ (author)2016-03-24

I'm definitely going to try this :)

dani_a_z (author)John_Singleton_2016-03-24

Hi any question i will be here to help you ☺

dani_a_z (author)2016-03-24

Comment your questions so I can help you

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