This is my first tutorial so be gentle please, i feel i was as concise and as detailed as possible for something so simple xD. Basically this is an antenna i made from an old 80mm Computer fan box, Speaker Wire, and Tape.

Step 1: Materials

- Any type of Copper Wire ( i used some speaker wire i had in the garage)

- Small box (i used a 80mm Computer fan box, its not entirely necessary but it makes it easy to take off the antenna portion if you want to move the card)

- Tape (Scotch, Electric, Duct. Doesn't matter)

- Evdo/3g Card/Cell phone. (mine is a Verizon Pantech UMW 190)
That is is absolutely amazing that, that worked, it goes against everything about designing antennas, but you know what the simplest always seams to work the best, and there is nothing wrong with trial and error...or success in your case,
That was my sentiments exactly! I never thought about trying it until that night, it worked, then i freaked lol. Remember Occam's Razor! Glad i could help somebody

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