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Introduction: 1 Hour Project : Love Your Tools !

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I do love my tools, but you know, just only vintage tools have all the beauty (at least I think so)

For my work, mini hammer (jeweler hammer) is quite important but to have a vintage one, it's always a problem: I can't afford it !

So, the solution ? I bought one from my local blacksmith and refine it my style !

As you can see in pics 2 and 3: it's not quite beautiful.

The very easy way to add detail to this hammer is using files, you will need a round, a bastard, a fine file and some 1000 grit sand papers (maybe least).

As show pics 4, you can see I filed two lines which divided the hammer to 3 parts: the top and the bottom were hardened so we should avoid filing them, the middle is quite soft so I easily worked with it.

Use round file to make 2 lines, the bastard to file down the edges and the fine file to round all the corners.

The sand paper will come at the end to bring a shiny look to all the piece.

Hope you enjoy it !

Thanks for reading.

Tuan Hoang.



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    I would not say that he doesn't like his job or does a bad job at what he does. The hammer looks fine, he was probably thinking functionality over looks.

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    Thank you for your words, maybe i'm too exigent.

    You "spiffed" it up, a slang word for "made it better", nice work, enjoy your newest tool.

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