How to Fix a Broken Superhero (without Glue)





Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Superhero (without Glue)


This Christmas my son got a Green Lantern action figure! He was soooo happy! The next day he snapped his arm off (some superhero!). He was soooo sad! That night I decided to fix Hal Jordan, but I didn't want to use glue, as this would restrict his movements (and most likely break again).

This Instructable is to show you how to fix your broken action figure using a small bolt and no glue!

PS My son is soooo happy (again).

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

1 x Broken Action Figure
1 x Small Bolt or Screw
1 x Drill with Fine Drill Bit
1 x Pair of Pliers / Side Cutters
1 x Hacksaw

Step 2: Drill Holes in Action Figure

Taking the drill (the bit should be a wee bit smaller than your bolt thread), carefully drill a guide hole in either side of the break. In this case Hal's humerus was broken so we wanted to drill in towards the shoulder and down into the arm.

Tip: Make sure you don't drill too far to avoid problems with other moving parts.

Step 3: Cut Bolt to Size

Using a hacksaw and/or side cutters (I used both), remove the head of the bolt. The required length depends on how far you can screw the bolt into your action figure without the bolt obstructing other movement.

Step 4: Insert Bolt Into First Guide Hole

Using pliers, carefully screw half of your bolt into your first guide hole. In this case, replacing Hal's distal humerus.

Step 5: Screw on Limb

Carefully rotate the limb, screwing it into your action figure's second guide hole. Make sure you don't strip the guide hole by screwing it on too tight.

Step 6: Your Superhero Is Now a Man/Woman of Steel

So hopefully, you will now have your action figure again in one piece. You might even find that he/she is slightly stronger!



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    nicely done. i especially appreciate the correct anatomical jargon

    Yup, it worked great! The only problem is it reduces some of the hand positions but it still works like great!

    1 reply

    Glad that it helped! Thanks for commenting :)

    Thank you soooo much, my new spider man action figures arm just broke so I really hope this work!

    is it ironic that this happend to my power ring figure, awesome solution, ill have to try this later

    Usefull tip:D
    and you don't even get messy;))

    it was his right right arm it seems that that spot is really faulty..

    VERY helpful! i just got a sinestro action figure and its arm just snapped off!

    1 reply

    Hey thanks ralph1e, glad the instructable was helpful... I wonder if it was Sinestro's right arm - seems to be a common break...

    A year ago my son received the batman and superman (from the same manufacturer as your green lantern). Within days, both of their right arms broke in the exact position as yours. We fixed them with a small metal rod but recently he has decided to play with them again and yesterday he re-broke the batman. I will be using a threaded rod this time. perfect timing and awesome idea. Thanks.

    1 reply

    Thanks magicshanoo!!! Glad that you found the instructable useful... not sure too many other people have... my son's green lantern's arm is still as strong as ever (actually, with the addition, stronger)... thanks again for your note :)

    might as well give that lanted some LEDs while you're at it, eh?
    awesome instructable

    1 reply

    Thanks Zaphod... I can see you are someone who knows where their towel is! Happy New Year!

    So the Ultimate question must be simply... "How many towels do you keep in your closest"... not much of a question really... or maybe it's just a coincidence... 

    nothing is a coincidence when the infinite impobability drive is running