#1 How to Repair or Fix Headphones (Headphone Jack)





Introduction: #1 How to Repair or Fix Headphones (Headphone Jack)

A "how to" guide showing how to fix plug shorts that occur in most brands of headphones.

The headphone plug I show in the video is $4.19 (2 pack), here's the link:

Another Gold plated plug is also $4.19 but it only has one plug in the package. This one requires NO SOLDER:



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I saw this post. Does it follow to do just the same if the male Jack accidentally bent a bit that resulted to lost of sound and dysfunction in the up and down of the controller of the earphone.



Hello, could you give me a link to a site who delivers those headphones jack in Europe? that would save me, thanks, nice vid


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Great instructions...thanks!

One suggestion: After inserting the wires, use tweezers to "wrap" them around the posts and making sure no wire is touching another or its post, then do the listening test BEFORE soldering! (Some people won't care if the right and left channels are switched, but many others probably would, for example people who listen to classical music, where having the violins on the right side might be quite disconcerting...pun intended <grin>).

Best regards!

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Alright, I was in my class around 4:30 to make up some work, jamming out to music. After break time was over, I came back and discovered they stopped working; the wires near the jack had probably shorted or disconnected. These are skullcandy earbuds, and I've looked over the Internet for methods, but I'm not sure which is right for me or if there is any that's compatible.

I'm using a pair of Skullcandy headphones (actual ones, not earbuds) and I have a slightly different problem. When playing music, having the jack inserted fully causes the musical parts to sound tinny and the voice is almost inaudible. Can this solution be used to fix that problem on a different set of headphones? I am a broke student and I love these headphones, so I would really rather not get a new pair.

I also have this problem. My headphone used to work fine. But one day this problem occurred. Now I have to insert it about 75-80% in order to work properly. See the difference between 1st and 2nd images. Please reply if someone has the solution.



The video is very nicely made, thank you!
I have a broken wire pretty close to the headphone jack of by JBL J03 over the head.

Can I use the same procedure as shown by you?

yup u can

i tried it on my skullcandy! over the head~!

i have one sony headphone whose jack is broke i dont know if the jack is available in my country.....