1$ LED Torch





Introduction: 1$ LED Torch

I am Mohammed Sohail from ProjectDEFY - Mangalore Makerspace. I hereby present you a simple 1$ LED torch.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

You will need:

1. 9V battery - 1

2. LEDs - As per requirement (I have used two) - preferable white

3. ON/OFF switch - 1

4. Resistors - 1 - preferably 100 ohms

5. Wires

Step 2: Make Holes for LED

Using a suitable cutting tool, make holes for the LEDs.

Step 3: Complete Finishing the Holes.

Step 4: Connect Your Battery.

Fix the battery cap on the battery.

Step 5: Fix the Battery in the Box.

Step 6: Fix the LEDs in the Box.

Stick the LEDs in the holes in the box.

Step 7: Fix the Switch in the Box.

Step 8: Complete Wiring

connect one end of the switch to the battery, connect the LEDs in series, connect resistor with LEDs and switch connect the switch in the battery and ON the switch.



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    Looks like a good little flashlight/torch. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to instructables! :)