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Creating my own tulle skirt has been on my To DIY list for months! I really wanted it to be in a soft, pastel color and lilac seemed like the perfect choice. It's feminine, cute and perfect for any season. I needed to make sure I got enough length as a first attempt failed because of a lack of fabric. And it had to be soft tulle to create a magical DIY tulle skirt. Here's the result! :D

What You'll Need:

- 12 meters of tulle fabric
- thread and needle
- scissors

How To Sew A DIY Tulle Skirt:

1. Measure up the fabric making sure to have enough space to create the poofy effect.
2. Layer the pieces on top of each other and start sewing the top. Pull the thread. If the skirt is too large, sew again until you've achieved the desired width.
3. Sew the side of your skirt making sure to leave around 20 cm open at the top. If you're sewing an elastic band you won't need to do this
4. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to make a belt. Fold it double and lay it over the top of your skirt.
5. Sew the two pieces together and voila, your DIY Tulle skirt is ready to wear :D

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