$1 MTB Mud Guard





Introduction: $1 MTB Mud Guard

This is a super cheap way to have an indestructible mud guard on your mountain bike.

Things you will need:
Cheap plastic cutting mat ($1 at Dollar Tree) http://goo.gl/rh3oYy
(4) zip-ties

Printer (to print out stencil 8.5 x 11)
X-acto knife or hole punch

Step 1:

Print out stencil PDF  on 8.5 x 11 (landscape) letter paper and cut it out with scissors. Don't forget to cut out zip tie holes.

I added a second version of the mud guard. I extended the guard past the forks to control even more of the muck and mire. Enjoy.

You will need to print out both pages line them up and tape them together and then cut out the whole stencil. (I did this because I figure most people only have letter size paper not 11x17 or the like.)

Step 2:

Trace out line of paper stencil with pencil onto plastic cutting mat

Step 3:

Cut plastic cutting mat into shape traced onto mat. Punch or cut holes in plastic for zip-ties.

Step 4:

Mount mud guard onto forks. Loosely attach all four zip-ties to fork. Stating with the top zip-ties snug them up to the cross member making sure the mud guard is centered. Then snug the zip-ties on the down tubes. Then snip off zip-tie tail.

Step 5:

APPLY STICKERS, and go get muddy!

Step 6: Extra Files

Here are a few extra files for you to use. DWG, DXF and SketchUp SKP

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hey guys how would this template go on a stunt jumper fattie i.e 3 inch tyre? cheers

2017 giant trance. Version one at the front. Version two with custom holes at the back. Thank you for your plans

Ps. Plastic $1each from homeware section in Target in Aus


would love to see a template for reverse forks (Manitou, etc)

where do u find the plastic im in australia

What size should the final product be? Length and width? of the front and back?

2 replies

The "small" one prints on 8.5" x 11" paper. So it's approximately 8.5" x 10". You can use the same pattern for the front wheel and back wheel on your bike. Happy Building! Dont forget to come back and post photos!

Thanks. I tried it out this weekend. Came out perfectly. Just need to get on some wet and muddy trails!

Very Clever! so simple yet so effective.

Same template. Used on my rear tire. Also used on my fixie.

15, 1:00 AM.jpg15, 1:00 AM.jpg15, 1:00 AM.jpg15, 1:00 AM.jpg15, 1:01 AM.jpg
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Looks great! Thanks for showing the photos. Good to know it works on the back as well.

Awesome! Looks like marshguard and the other on shelf fender u buy at the local bike shop

It is in inches

I have added a second version. Enjoy :)

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That is a cool bike fender Andrea! Thanks for sharing.

that's very nice! if you wish give a look to mine made out from a liquid soap container