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Introduction: Basically Free Phone Mount for a Car

I have been looking and looking for a while at phone holders, finally I decided I was going to make one instead of spending $15 - 30 bucks. This phone holder I made should cost you less than a dollar. It will work for basically any size touch screen phone!


Paperclip (2X)

Rubber band (2-4X)

Spray paint (optional)

Step 1: Bend the Paperclip

To start you're going to lift the outter part of the paperclip like in picture 2. From there bend that outter part upwards like in picture 3 and 4. Now bend a hook on the top part of the paperclip like in picture 5. Remember you need two paperclips so do this same process again to another paperclip.

Step 2: Apply Rubber Bands

Now take a rubber band and wrap it around the small base of the paperclip that you didn't bend, I used 2 rubber bands on the base, one on the upper part of the base and one on the lower, you will need all the area of the base covered by a rubber band. It's up to you if you wanna use 1 rubber band on each paperclip, or 2 on each.

Step 3: Attach to Vent

Slide the hook into the vent like picture 1. Then turn the hook inside the vent so it sticks forward like in picture 2. Do the same with your other paperclip and have it a few inches away from your other paperclip. Depending on your phone size make sure the paperclips are far apart or close together for your phone to fit on.

Step 4: Finish

I painted my rubber bands and paperclips black with spray paint so it looks better. You do not have to do this step. Now you have a phone holder for any touch phone! As you see in the pictures you can have the phone on its side or standing up. And it's holding a Galaxy S5, and a iPhone 5, and an Ipod touch. Also as you see I have taking pictures in a few different cars, so it will most likely work in any car with a vent! Enjoy your basically free phone holder! By the way your phone won't fall off. I was hitting hard turns with it on, and it didn't move once!!



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    I'll definitely try this in my wife's VW EOS convertible. No other solution has worked. This surely should. But I'll have to "pretty it up" a little to make it acceptable. Good idea, nice instructable.

    Something similar to this has already been invented. It clips into the air vent.

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    I saw it, my phone was too big for it

    Soon as I seen this I made it!! I broke my mount and I ordered another one but it's coming from China so it could take weeks this is perfect in the mean time!! So simple but works great..thanks!

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    Thank you!


    Thank you!