1$ Popcorn Machine




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Introduction: 1$ Popcorn Machine

Give a new life for your empty soda can.Transform it into a useful simple popcorn maker.

Need a sharp knife
kernel seeds
butter flavor
Candle or stove or fire

Step 1: Container

Take an empty soda can and remove the paint with a sand paper

Step 2: The Cut

mark with a pencil a kind of window in the top of the can.And cut it off like a door

Step 3: Add Ingredient

add 3 tsp of kernel,salt,flavor.And close the hole on the top.

Step 4: Time to Cook

put your new popcorn maker on a stove or a candle (any heat source).Put a dish beside the can and waiting for your first POP IN A CAN .This popcorn maker make a really delicious and useful popcorn.Fresh and tasty anytimes.



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    isn't there a coating on the inside of the can too? not sure if it matters.

    Could it work with an alcohol stove?

    to it doesnt burn off and make fumes, and cover the can in dirty burnt plastic and carbon. oddly enough that very thin layer of paint is very obnoxious when it boils and burns off. And as logic would have it, breathing in plastic fumes is bad.

    an improvement upod this idea would be to use alcohol or spirits , for a less localized source of heat (spreads about). you know what, i might make one now and post a picture to show you lot what im on about.

    absolutely LOVE this idea!!! Going winter camping with the Scouts this weekend, and they've made their tuna-can-stoves, so I'm going to "one up them" with fresh popcorn!!! Post any other new projects you come with!!!

    3 replies

    I'm a scout!

    Didn't work for me, candle wasn't strong enough. Cool idea though.

    very nice man what gave you the idea for this?

    Be perfect fo backpacking popcorn on the go

    found it myself


    could we possibly get the link to the video


    this is really clever, with good pictures it could have become featured!


    this is so effing stupid. use a damn pan.

    2 replies

    its called ingenuity

    for monster cans, this would be great
    i rarely drink monster but this is good idea
    mabie bawls?