Everyone has experienced it. You do your laundry and when you pull out your clothes, you find that one, lonely sock. Sure, you could always use it as a spare sock or turn it into a rag or a sock puppet, but is there something more useful you could reuse it for? Something that you can make instead of buy? Something that can make you more environmentally conscious?

In this Instructable, we'll show you how to take that one lonesome, old sock and to turn it into three useful products: a fashionable exercising accessory for holding your iPods, ID cards, and keys while you do sports, a pull-on coaster that doubles as a cup identifier to use at parties to save plastic cups and paper napkins, and a key chain pouch for shielding your phones and gadgets from sharp keys when you put them together in your pocket or purse. We call these products the Sporty Sock, the Coasty Sock, and the Safe-Key Sock.

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Step 1: The Sporty Sock: Step 1

The Sporty Sock: A Wristband with a Pocket

The Sporty Sock is a useful accessory to carry your keys, ID cards, or mp3 player, conveniently worn on the arm or ankle. It utilizes the elastic top of the sock as a secure pocket for all your valuables as well as being a machine-washable sweatband! Plus we think it makes quite the fashion statement ;)

Step 1 - Cutting Pieces
Decide on an object that you plan on storing in the armband when, for example, you have no pockets, no purse, or when you go running. We recommend a credit card or something similar because if your pocket can store a credit card, it will most likely be able to store a few bills and some keys. You can also use your favorite media player (iPod, iPhone, Zune, whatever you prefer). From now on, when we say credit card, we mean whichever object you have chosen.

Cutting Tube Portion
Snip off the tip of the toe-portion of the sock, where the sole is no longer tapered. This will give you a nice rectangular piece of sock to work with. Place the credit card lengthwise along the sole portion of the sock, leaving 1 cm from the edge created when you cut off the tip of the sock. Then, leave 1 cm from the opposite side of the credit card and snip the sole portion of the sock clean off the heel. You should now have 3 parts: the tip, the middle sole portion (sized accordingly for the object you want to store), and the tube + heel portion.

Cutting Pocket Material
Take the middle sole portion and flatten it down. Insert your scissors and cut along one of the folds, turning your cylinder into a rectangle. Then, place the credit card on the rectangular piece, leaving 1 cm from the edge. Cut the rectangle such that you have a 1 cm margin along all four sides of the card. You have now sized the piece for the pocket!
I put the coasty sock on my plant that I keep in a jar. I just cut it a little higher. In the winter time I like to put it in the window for sun and the socks acts like insulation.
i could use this for the surviving sock from my washing machine
ooh So coo , Great Yar
I'm so excited, after seeing a wrist band-pocket for sale for more than I wanted to spend. I ride bike a lot and carrying cards, $$ and keys are a hassle if you don't happen to have pockets that day. Your idea is perfect and FREE. Thanks!
Congratulations on being featured on <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/DIY-Green-Projects-On-ABC-News/">ABC News</a>!<br />
&nbsp;i think they are all great! the part that made me laugh was that you made names for it all! the coasty sock was my favorite name!
Very Cool... Trust me I could really use this info. This should be in the "green category if it's not.
great tutorial! i just made the sporty one! :D
This is an amazing instructable and great way to upcycle like you said. Thanks for the great ideas and video :-D
nice lol
Oh I LOVE Coasty Socks!
You guys are awesome!! Way to be cute AND environmentally friendly! -Em
two big toes way way up!<br/><br/>p.s. don't forget sock hair scrunci! <sup>_</sup><br/>
Hopefully pick-pocketers haven't read this instructable; now your cash and keys are safe! people don't expect you to hide stuff in a "sporty sock".
ud put a sock aroound ur glass?
Woah, the "safety sock" is great for stealth missions too :D I like.
The toe portion of an unwanted sock also makes a great poi- just stick in a tennis ball, poke two small holes on the open end and tie a long string through them. I made my first pair like that, they worked great (until I accidentally set them on fire at Tar Barrels). I love the key protector one- I just keep my keys in one pocket and my phone in the other to stop it getting scratched.
I didn't read through it, but it looks great! Thorough, organized instructable with a great idea. Lots of relevant focused photos. I wish all instructables were this well done.
Oh wow! I've been wondering what I could do with all those socks that I only have one of. So many options! I think I have enough to make a whole set of Coasty Socks :D
Cool instructable, thanks :) I've definitely try your Sporty Sock.

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