Hate using your fingers to draw on your phone/tablet? Have you ever wanted to use a stylus on your iPhone or other device with a touchscreen? Well here is a cheap effective way to build a touch screen stylus com. This DIY will show you exactly what you need and how to build the fully compatible stylus, I'll show you how to make a touchscreen stylus with cheep material.

Step 1: Materials

1 - Pen

1 - Q-tip

1 - Pair of scissors

1 - Electrical tape

1 - Tin foil

Step 2: Building

Start off by taking a pen of your choice and removing the inside ink and pen tip.

Then take the Q-tip and cut it in half at a slant making it easier to lodge into the pen tip with the scissors

Step 3: Building

Insert Q-tip into the pen firmly through the tip.

Step 4: Building

Wrap the pen outsides in tin foil. Secure with Electrical tape. Make sure to lightly dampen the Q-tip before each use.

Step 5: Finished

Now that your pen is done, it can be used with accuracy and is applicable with any touchscreen device.

<p>It would be cool to have a picture of it actually working</p>
<p>like show pics duh</p>
<p>she really should ad a picture if it really does work i think you should</p>
<p>Maybe you can have one for being my first comment(: </p><p>and thanks for the feedback</p>
how did u even figure this out? your really smart =)
Wow this really works! Thanks!

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