1 Towel Into 3 Towels - Without Cutting


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Introduction: 1 Towel Into 3 Towels - Without Cutting

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Simple refinement to using a bath towel.

Before using the towel it helps to use your hands to brush off as much water as possible. This makes the towel drying all the more effective!

On to towel drying...

1. Using 1st side of towel - Dry your entire body using JUST a hand's length of top of the towel using just the one side of the towel. The blue area in the illustration. This will get your whole body pretty dry.

2. Using just the same side of the towel dry your body using the remaining unused portion of the towel. The green area. By this time your body should be dry to almost completely dry.

3. Using the 2nd side of the towel (which with a reasonably thick towel will be almost complete dry and fresh) - Dry your entire body a 3rd time for a really luxurious complete drying experience.

Simple, yet very effective. Enjoy!



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