I wanted a shelf unit that would fit my TV, surround amp, centre speaker, DVD player, PVR,  subwoofer, lounge room PC, SEGA Mega Drive II, PS2, PS3 and my girlfriend's Wii.

Nothing at the local IKEA was quite right. The MAVAS was about the closest I could find.
Suddenly, I had a brainwave - what If I bought 2 MAVAS shelves and fused them into one?

I realised that I would have 2 small shelves left over, perfect for my surround satellite speakers and this IKEA hack was born.

After some quick Photoshopping, I had the following plan, to explain my vision to my girlfriend:

Step 1: The Initial Problem...

So, here we have the initial problem I was looking for a solution for - a messy, unbalanced and disorganised home entertainment system.
That is a nice looking unit you came up with. It is a good use of creative thinking. Enjoy
Thanks, it's served me well so far. It even survived an interstate move with only partial disassembly required!

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