1 W LED on Nokia BL-5C Mobile Battery.


Introduction: 1 W LED on Nokia BL-5C Mobile Battery.

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Hi, I am not an electronics expert, I soldered a hard copper wire to 1 watt LED mounted on heat sink to use it as emergency light. Connected it directly to battery (Nokia BL-5C) taken out from my mobile phone, which gives hours of uninterrupted light and later I do charge it putting it back in my mobile.



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    Nokia BL-5C is not LiPo, it's Li-ion battery

    2012-11-27 19.24.15.jpg

    It can be used but it will go flat in 2 hours because a 1 watt LED draws 350 Milli Amps. of current.

    this is really a bad idea, LIPo batteries can't be used that way.