1 WTC (1:10,000)





Introduction: 1 WTC (1:10,000)

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In memory of the victims of 9/11, their loving families and the unsung heroes.

(Left image : Google Images)

Step 1: Tools of the Trade

3 ice cream sticks

1 toothpick

1 large ice cream stick


A pen

A marker

A ruler

A file

A cutter

1 bottle wood glue

Step 2: The Building

I take 2 ice cream stick, and draw a few lines (image diagram). Then, I cut the sticks and I have 4 parts. Next, I glue them together, and I file the surface according to the lines.

Step 3: The Comm Tower

Remember the toothpick?

I cut it in 1cm long, and I glue it on top of the building.

Step 4: The Land

For the land, I cut the large ice cream stick in two. Using a file, I rasp it into a curve (2nd image), then I glue it together.

Step 5: The Sites

For the two sites, I cut the remaining ice cream stick into two parts (1cm X 1cm). Then, I draw each of them a border. Now, I have the site of north tower and the site of south tower.

Step 6: The Assembly

Now, I have the part of the land, the tower, and the sites ready. I glue its into the position.

Step 7: The Reference

Using the tower location (left image taken from Google Images), I corrected the placement of the parts.

Lastly, the comparison size between a match.



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