Introduction: 1$ Wire Peeler

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Build a DIY wire peeler in 5 minutes!

Step 1: What You Need

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-precision cutter

Step 2: Make the Place for the Sharpener Knife

Picture of Make the Place for the Sharpener Knife

Step 3: Make a Via for the Wire.

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You have to do it in the other part of the clothespin. It should be specific for each wire size. Check the pic.

Step 4: Put Everything Together!

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Srew up the shapener knife in its place, and you 've just made it.
Now you can save time on your electronic proyects!


Oggar2 (author)2017-01-24


l like it!

3366carlos (author)2017-01-14


gm280 (author)2017-01-14

Ingenuity at its best. Yes there are tons of such tools on the market to buy. But making things yourself when needed are true ingenuity. Nice project.

Uluz (author)2017-01-14

I've payed over $25.00 for a tool that serves the same purpose! It's simple yet brilliant!

Thanks for the Instructable!

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