Wireless Speaker That Connect's in 0.0000000001 Seconds !





Introduction: Wireless Speaker That Connect's in 0.0000000001 Seconds !

Feel Like Pairing Wireless Speakers Is really Time Consuming Process You Need To Make This Wireless Speakers That Connects In 0.000000000001 Seconds (Instantly) , Although It Doesn't Use Bluetooth or Wifi It Works For Every Smartphone, Tablet's etc...

To Build This System Just You Will Need a Audio Amplifier , I Used PAM 8403 its very cheap, transformer coil and speakers of your choise !

Let's Get Started !

Before I Recomend To Watch The Video You will know What i am tallking about !


Step 1: What's the Problem With Bluetooth ?


Pairing a wireless piece of headphones to smartphone takes a lot of time .

And Sometimes The Weird pitch shift , and latency is always big NO NO !

Also You Have To Recharge The Small Battery .....

Step 2: So How It Connects in 0.000000001 Seconds !

Every Digital Wireless system has Delay Due to various factors like medium,range,processing,etc...

But This Delay Can Be Reduced by use of analog transmission methods .

This System Works Similar To a Electrical Transformer , Supplied High Voltage is converted into magnetic field this magnetic flux get induced onto secondary coil and generates voltages in proportion to the coil turns ratio .

Here Coil Inside Smartphone Speaker Acts as Primary coil and Our External Coil Recives the Signals

This Signal is very small so we need an amplifier to be able to drive bigger speakers.

You Can Connect Ear buds or loudspeakers , and similarly can extract audio from any speaker source smartphone,tablet,tv, as long as it has speakers !

It Doesnt Require Pairing Since it's Analog and just does the job of Re- Amplification it connect's in 0.0000000001 Seconds !

Step 3: How to Make !

★☆★ Buy Parts from your online local store ★☆★

1. Winding Wire http://geni.us/cljvl

2. PAM8403 Amplifier Chip http://geni.us/neVcO

3. Speakers http://geni.us/PEuk

1. You Will Need a Coil Which you can easily get from an old power-supplies transformers ,or just wound it yourself

2. To Boost The Small Audio Signal Amplifier is required ,I used class D PAM8403 ,But Any Amplifier Will Work Fine ,Even Your Home Theater Also ! (Just Make Sure Volume is Low !)

3. Connect Speakers at Output and Bridge Right and Left Channel Input and Connect The Coil ,Supply The Voltage And Its ready !

4. You May Need to put a capacitor in parallel with voltage source because ,for the higher amplitudes this amplifier will draw more current so to keep it running continuously add a 2200uf capacitor.

Step 4: Can You Get Superpowers With It ?

Yeah !

if Some one challenged you to guess the music they're listening to , You can guess the music by just simply hold the coil over earphones and listen the music clearly !

There's Even More !!!

Listening to the electromagnetic waves is whole New World , You May never experienced this but might be familiar with interference created by calls with speakers ! yeah just try scanning different parts of your smartphone and you can able to listen what going on inside CPU , RAM, Network Chips etc...

See My Video Here


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    in the pics he has a HUGE coil. You can make the coil with 100 Turns #30 AWG wound around the end of a pencil. Teeeny weeeny.. and it will work just as good.

    Thanks for the info! How did you calculate it? Becaus I can than calculate my own coil :)

    how can i wound the transformer by my self and can i connect it by 3.5mm aux jack ?

    It's a lot easier to scrounge an old transformer and take it apart to get the windings. You can solder the two wires to an audio jack. It's mono, so use the two connections together, with the other wire soldered to the ground. Plug it into an audio amp.

    this will help or not and which side I will connect it and how I disassemble it without hurting myself ?


    That looks like it has interleaved laminations so you'd have to take it apart leaf by leaf. If it's varnished together that would be a lot of work. Find a transformer which has the E laminations that separate easily from the I laminations, and the bobbin with the windings just slips right off. Solder wires to the terminals of the finer windings and you're done.

    Or, buy a small reel of magnet wire.

    This is pretty clever. But...

    I find it's just as quick to plug into the headphone jack to get full fidelity stereo, and you may have enough power to run passive speakers. If you have an amp, you'd get any amount of power you want.

    Why did you post this in the arduino section? This has no relation with arduino.