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My girlfriend had the idea when a filament spool wouldn't fit my 3d printer with a 30mm mount hole.
I think it's the best spool holder for less than 1€ in the world, ever.
But don't take my word for it, see yourself:

It will fit any mount hole diameter and is large enough for spools with up to 20cm diameter. 14cm usable width allow for two spools side by side.

Bill of materials

1x Ikea Samla 5l box (buy 2 if you want a cover)
1x chopstick, around 18cm long (you can also use a pencil or similar things).

Recommended tools

  • a dremel or a a wood drill with around the same diameter as the chopstick
  • a saw or a knife to trim the chopstick


Drill two holes at the top of the inner side of the box. Look at the pictures so see how.
Shorten the chopstick accordingly (18cm . Clean up, put it all together, enjoy.

Bonus missions

Put a second box on top and use it as a dust cover.
Drill a hole in the hood, so that filament can get pulled out.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-16

Nice and cheap solution. Some more in progress pictures would be great too. Thanks for sharing!

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