Picture of 1 gallon automobile gas tank
This is about making it possible to drive a car on only 1 gallon of gas or less. I need a car about once or twice a week. On long returns to and from los angeles the last miles are often on 1 gallon. Going into todays traffic can be scary on small amounts. So I walked back into felton carrying a gas can. The redwood forest is nice. Like on star wars. Some trees are only about 12 inches in diameter at mile 3.03. . I found one small brass valve in the garage. I just found a new 45 watt weller at goodwill. . I bought 5 feet of 5/16 inch fuel line at oreillys gang zone. I sanded the bottom of the gas can and put solder on the spot.  I soldered the valve on. I turned a brass piece down to .3140 inch. I cleaned the brass piece and soldered it to the fitting and screwed it on the valve. At first I tried it hooked up to the carburetor. The fuel barely dripped throught the filter. It got dark. I was going to drive to felton with a load. There are no computer statistics on where the drivers are from.  The next day I lowered the can from the car roof to the dash board height. I connected the 5 foot hose to FUEL PUMP INLET and put a small clamp on. I put about a quart in the gas fuel can and started driving. At mission street there was traffic at 2 pm friday. I had immediate confidence in this scheme. But I only put a quart in the tank. So I drove up highway 9 with a euro car following me. Unbeleiveable the traffic stopped for yet another 1/2mv^2.  About halfway up the hill there was a bike rider in the last spot before runout. I ran out and stopped at another turnout. I put some more in and instead of trying to pump out of the rear tank, I primed the engine and it popped on. No slurping no sporatic pumping. No cylinders dropping out at the  intersection on the way back. First trip went ok with the 1 gallon fuel tank in an old 1971 DODGE DART  25 mpg highway. This driving at 50 mph with 3 speed. Each stop is 79,800 foot pounds. 1/2mv^2   the mass is m  weight /32.2. I can figure this while driving. So about 17 mpg with stops and idle time. A motorcyclist was hit on this route at 132 pm. As usual flown to stanford. Out of county trauma hospital. Sparks could be dangerous with a half a gallon.   The update has 3 more pictures.  I changed the pistons and the cam chain. The winch cable was rusted. Another update: I found a small piece of wood under the ignition points arm. I thinkit was there for several years or more.