$1 Gifts- Soothing RICE BAG





Introduction: $1 Gifts- Soothing RICE BAG

Have you ever been on a budget and not known what to give someone for Christmas? Look no further. A truely amazing gift is a rice bag which can be warmed up and cooled. They look amazing and are easy to make! So let's get on to making a lovely rice bag!

Cost + Materials
Felt: 15 cents
Cloth: 10 cents (free if you use old clothes/scraps)
Thread + Needle: Free (if you don't have them, borrow them)
Button: 25 Cents
Rice: 35 Cents
Tape: 10 Cents
TOTAL: 85 Cents

Hey! Welcome to my first tutorial! I hope you enjoy it! Please critique it as much as you like! (I'd rather know what to change for my next tutorials then to make more sucky ones.)

Step 1: Sewing the Outer Bag:

1.) Take your piece of felt and cut it so it's 7 inches by 8 inches.

2.) Fold the felt in half. The Hamburger way.

3. ) Take some sturdy thread of your choice and sew two of the felts side. Pretty self explanatory, I'm not going to go into detail about how to sew it xD.

Step 2: Making the Inner Bag:

1.) Take some fabric which is thinner than the felt (old clothes/tee shirts) and cut a 7 inch by 4 1/2 inch rectangle out.

2.)Fold it in half the hamburger and tape two of the edges.

3.) Fill it 3/4 full with dried rice or beans and tape the last edge.

OPTIONAL: Add a couple drops of essential oils into the rice. Try peppermint or something relaxing like lavender.

Step 3: Adding the Button:

1.) At the top of the felt bag draw a line for your button hold, and then use scissors to cut the line out. Make it slightly smaller than your button.

2.) Flip the bag inside out.

3.) Sew your button on the inside of the felt bag, so if the bag was flat the button would peek from your cut line, push the button through the hole a couple times, to stretch out the felt a little.

Step 4: Finishing the Rice Bag:

1.) Stuff your cloth bag with rice in your felt bag! Button it up and you're finished!

2.) Microwave the bag, or stuff it in the freezer! You can replace the rice any time, and easily!

3.) Give the bag away for a gift, or keep it for yourself!

4.) ENJOY!

I hope you like this tutorial! Feel free to ask any questions! :D



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I have one of these, I didn't know you could put them in the freezer.


YUP! Just put them in the freezer for an hour and it's like an icepack. :D Multiple purposes are awesome.

Yeah, an ice pack that has almost no risk of that freezer burn tingle.  Just nice pleasant pain relief...

That's cool. Seems I found a gift for my better half. How does the rice stand up over time? Is there something I need to be careful about, like humidity and rice doesn't seem to go together well?

I dont think the tape is such a good idea, I would sew all ends shut except for one and use either velcro, or electrical tape might hold, but I don't know if it would melt in the microwave.

Would tape really be strong enough to last? Couldn't you just sew the sides and tape the top? Anyways Great idea.

Also how long do you put it in the microwave.

About 1-2 minutes, it gets pretty hot if you do any longer, and dosent get very warm if any shorter.

I would probably use stronger tape (the off yellow color one) if I did it again but as for sewing, unless you used a sewing machine, or spent hours sewing, rice could easily slip out of the gaps. TIME FOR MICROWAVING: Try microwaving about 45 seconds, and then do it again for about 20 seconds, and keep ding 20 seconds until it is nicely warm.