Step 3: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
For the first go-round, try this recipe as-is.

Thereafter, feel free to consider this a blank canvas for all of your ice cream dreams.

Try adding honey, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, peanut butter, flavored extracts, or additional frozen fruits! Go to town, and make sure you share your favorite remixes in the comments!
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SupraHD2 years ago
Well, I'll try this later and add some honey. Let see what it tastes like.
urtlesquirt3 years ago
Time for root beer extract!
thartaros5 years ago
can this be done with other fruits? i dont mean adding other fruits TO the bananas...my question is do other fruits become ice-creamy if blended??
it really depends on the fruit. if you were to put in an apple, then it would take a long time to blend if at all. if you put in strawberries then i would imagine that it would work a lot better. but ultimately the banana is the best fruit to do this with.
scoochmaroo (author)  thartaros5 years ago
I've heard rumors of peaches working. I think it has to be pretty starchy or something for it to work,
Korlee4 years ago
I tried this today and it was lovely!
I was allso testing tofu-cram-thing, so I wisked the "cream" in to a foam and mixed them together with soma rasberry-jam.. I was good and my daughter loved it! :D
I'll make something like this for her birthday!
andymic4 years ago
This looks great! have to try it out.
I'm not sure if it would have the same consistency, but i'm going to try it with strawberries. i'll let you know when i try it ;)
zme andymic4 years ago
I've heard you can do frozen strawberries with buttermilk for a similar instant treat.
i added some peanut butter and it was also very tasty.
andross4 years ago
You can also make the same thing with Avocado, sounds gross, but it's good.
that sounds really gross, does it really work?
Very good! I like to make Avocado Pudding too. Cashews are another good substitute for milk. Juliano Brotman has a great recipe for Cashew Gelato.
This was good. It was great to make it for my children and not feel horrible about all the sugar.
kiwirise6 years ago
I've seen a demo of this done by a vegan and its SOOO delish and interesting the guilt that goes with ice cream. I didn't want to eat more and the woman was like "its JUST a banana there is nothing to feel bad about!" so eat more and more and more and don't feel bad because its oh so good!
why do you feel guilty about eating ice cream? i just buy it and dont hurt anyone in the process.. how do you get your ice cream?
I stopped eating dairy because of the environmental harm. Cows are the number one producer of Methane (a greenhouse gas that's 20x more powerful than CO2), which is emitted due to their digestion process. There are about 1.5 billion cows on our planet today. Cows are also responsible for land degradation, and most importantly they eat more than half of the grain produced in the US. The grain factor bothers me because of the millions dying from malnutrition each year; the majority being children. As a mother, I want to do something that reduces the negative environmental impact, and I don't want to demand that grain be given to a cow rather than a starving child. Not that everyone needs to stop eating meat and dairy, but it is more than worthwhile to reduce consumption.

Btw- There IS a such thing as vegan ice cream so....yeah...
Brittz303 Minke4 years ago
OM NOM NOM SOY ICE CREAM! :D I'm not even vegan and I love it. I think it is amazingly good. It's exactly like ice cream, and its FULL of protein (which is good because I'm not really a big meat-eater)
The average banana contains about 1g of protein. IMO, they are more useful for the fibre, vitamins and minerals. They are all good!
oh i just feel guilty cuz I dont want to get fat.
Bananas are fruit, fruit is good. ALSO bananas are rich in potassium which help cramps. Even if a banana has sugar in it it's not unhealthy like white sugar or corn syrup. It's pure natural fruit, good for you, and the only health food that doesn't have the texture of crunchy oatmeal and tastes like old people. (Not that I would know what old people taste like..)
but you shouldn't eat too many bananas (or too much banana ice cream) because you can overdose on potassium. then again, you have to eat like 15 or so. lolo
Actually, I ate a banana a day for months, until my lab tests came back, showing my potassium level was too high. Moderation in all things, I guess.

Very nice. I agree.
I understand that the whipped up bananas need to be frozen. I want to know whether the whole bananas, b4 processing, should be frozen
scoochmaroo (author)  nosugarforme5 years ago
Ok, I think I understand. . . you mean either freeze the bananas before being whipped or after? I don't know, to tell you the truth. If your bananas are pre-frozen, then you get to whip them and eat immediately. I don't know how whipped and then frozen bananas work out, but I imagine there might be some unsavory crystallization that happens during the post-freezing. Worth an experiment!
WOW that was a long thread
I understand now that this icecream is for eating immediately. I was thinking that it could be made, frozen and then eaten from the freezer like "real" icecream. I think that I will try freezing the made recipe - what have I got to lose? - and will let you know how it turns it. Just need to wait for my bananas to ripen a bit more. Have a good day.
chrissysno4 years ago
INSTRUCTABLES is a place to read and possibly try to make interesting things,,,,,,right?
Or is it a place for negative "Know-it-alls" to pick the projects apart, and generally critisize? (They sound so angry)
On a side note.....Look at the complaints by these geniuses. They all have misspelled words in them.

Don't pay attention to these people. The rest of us love your demos.
Keep them coming! ;)
chrissysno4 years ago
zinnia114 years ago
I didn't see anything in the directions about using an ice cream maker (or maybe I didn't read carefully enough). Do you need one or can you just process it and freeze it?
I don't own an ice cream maker anymore but I would consider buying one for this recipe, if I need to. It sounds amazing!
megmaine4 years ago
Can this be done in a blender, or must it be a food processor?
Yes, I realize bananas aren't "healthy" to anyone who has to avoid sugar, because the sugar they are most loaded with, is glucose, and they are LOADED with it. But my kids are both allergic to dairy and soy, and coconut milk ice cream is $7 a pint, and if I make it at home the only coconut milk available where I live is canned, which means loaded with BPA...so this may make it reasonable in price and health, to make a birthday party with a frozen ice creamy dessert.
flyred774 years ago
Does it taste like banana ice cream? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but what if your just scared of banana ice cream? Is it a strong banana flavor? If so what is the best way to temper the banana taste, to balance it out with say vanilla?
I happen to like the flavor of Bananas, but for a change in taste, I also tried this using fresh squeezed Lemon juice [about 1 lemon per cup of 'nanas] and to my taste it totally covered any flavor of Banana.  It tasted just like ice cream shop Lemon Ice Cream to me.

Next time I'm going to try Limes.  I suspect that too will cover the Banana.  Although I like the Banana flavor and not trying to cover it.  Maybe IF I get the ratios correct I can get both flavors to be recognizable.
igninja4 years ago
Bananas contain tons of sugar on their own and more calories then cream. There is nothing healthy about this desert, but the strawberry.
there is more to health than just calories. Personally, I am not interested in store bought ice cream from a factory which has been loaded w/ preservatives and other chemicals. I would much rather use those calories on bananas.
bananas are good for you.
amirbn4 years ago
it is really easy to make and comes out amazing.
try it with fresh sweet mango... a blast!
zenfidelity4 years ago
Strictly speaking this is closer to a sorbet than an ice cream. Still hadn't thought to enjoy bananas in this way so thanks for posting, but I would recommend being more careful in your posts later on so that you don't mislead the readers. Thanks.
chuckyd4 years ago
Frozen yogurt tastes like ice cream, but it's still called frozen yogurt.

So, frozen bananas should be called frozen bananas.
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