1 Minute! Freezer Bag CD Display





Introduction: 1 Minute! Freezer Bag CD Display

I've been looking for something to hold CDs on the wall at stores for a while, but I couldn't find any. Then, when I was cooking, came up with this idea. Problem is solved! Didn't even have to buy anything\(^-^)/

Step 1: All You Need Is

•Your favorite CDs
•11.7cm×33.0cm Freezer bags

That's all!

Step 2: Cut Freezer Bag

and make two rings of plastic bag.

Step 3: Put One of Them on the Wall With a Thumbtuck.

Step 4: Open the Case, Put Through One Side of It(This Time Paper Case) ,and Close.

If it's a normal plastic case, just put into both rings at last.

Step 5: Adjust the Hight With the Othe Ring, and Hold the End of the Case.

Step 6: CD Without Case....

I sometime find CDs without case...lol
and if I like its design, I display on the wall with a long strip of plastic bag and a thumbtuck. It's better than lying on the desk with bunch of random things.

Step 7: Not Only for CDs...



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    Clever way to hang stuff with every day materials.